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This Cat Will Not Quit Crying On This Woman’s Door And Pleading For Help.

The wind appeared to carry the haunting scream of a cat to Maria Delk’s bedroom window.

Her husband and she were getting ready for bed. They then heard it again. A persistent request.


“It just kept going and going,” she tells The Dodo. “At long last, my spouse stepped outdoors.”

The kitten appeared as an apparition on the pavement across the street. Her husband escorted her inside.

“I feared she was going to pass away,” Delk adds. “It appeared as though her eye had been gone.”

Grace is a feral kitten who, following a much-needed trip to the hospital, is bouncing back brilliantly at Delk’s house.

Nobody knows how the little cottage in Rio Vista, California, came to be a haven for stray cats. Least, the family who lives in the residence.

“I’m not a cat fan,” admits Delk.

It appears that no one has informed the cats. Instead, the same bizarre scenario repeats again. Again. Again and again.

Gandalf the Grey, who was living in a bush three months ago, is one of them.

Bailey, who arrived with an infected mouth.

“I had to hurry take him to the hospital,” she says.

Delk’s house had to be erected on top of an old catnip burial place. What other explanation could there be for the uncanny draw?

She had seven cats in her home. Grace the kitten’s siblings, on the other hand, have lately appeared in need of attention. That adds up to nine lives. Naturally.

What about outside? A tidal wave of sinewy strangers, hobbling migrants, and ravenous ghosts.

“There are roughly 15 distinct kinds,” Delk explains. “I’ve named a few. I won’t name any of them. I’m trying not to become overly involved.”

These cats, however, do not come for the catnip. They came to show their kindness.

Delk is one of the few persons in a town of 8,000 who devotes so much time to caring for the local cats, both stray and lost. Many of them arrive with severe injuries.

“Sometimes I just want to close my shades,” she explains. “But I’m afraid I can’t. Because I know that if I don’t feed them, no one else would.”

Delk’s days as a replacement secretary are long enough.

“I’ve been waking up at four a.m. this week to feed the outside cats and the two kittens,” she adds. “Grace is distinct. Then there are the indoor kitties.

“I’m not a cat person,” she says emphatically. “However, I am now.”

Indeed, the cat parade shows no signs of slowing off.

Sophia has arrived. “She looks like a meerkat,” Delk observes. “She has a unique personality. “She is a stalker.”

Bob, a stray cat, arrived later. He was starving.

“He eventually moved in,” Delk adds. “He knocked on the front door right before Christmas last year, and he never left.”

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Delk is collaborating with a humane trapper to capture some of the most elusive cats, with the goal of transporting them to a clinic and spaying them.

“If I don’t trap now, I’ll have a crop of kittens next year,” she adds.

And that’s exactly what Delk doesn’t need.

In fact, she has an Instagram account dedicated to not just documenting the lives of this unique cast of cats, but also to finding them homes.

“I’m not a rescuer,” Delk says emphatically. “They simply keep coming to my house.”

And these once despondent felines are savoring her tenderness like a warm glass of milk.