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When Her Savior Puts Her In The Van, A Pregnant Homeless Dog Absolutely Crumbles

When Jacks Anderson and his wife stopped for lunch, he observed a gaze in his way, which turned out to be a nice giant black pit bull named Poppy. The homeless dog stood beneath the counter stools on the pavement, watching them eat.

On their way home after lunch, the pair ran upon the homeless dog again. They both spotted the dog’s large pregnant tummy this time and realized they had to aid her in some way.

According to Jacks, who spoke to The Dodo,

“He never took his gaze away from us, yet he never came up to us and asked for food.” The proprietors of the stalls rushed out and pursued her along the pavement. She was clearly terrified, and she vanished.

Image/ Jacks Anderson
Jacks and his wife worked hard to earn the trust of the fearful homeless dog and ultimately persuaded her to eat from their hands. They chose to put her in the car at that point.

The guy explains:

“I strolled over to my wife to hand off the leftovers, and she took them.” She was scared, but we could see some of her scars, so I could see why she didn’t want to take any chances.”

Image/ Jacks Anderson
Poppy was relieved to be back in a secure and familiar environment after her stint on the streets.

Jacks recalls:

“We just took a break at that moment to give Poppy a chance to cool down, but she was a lot calmer than I thought.” Poppy’s eyes were welling up with tears as I began to film the footage of my wife soothing her. I’ve never seen something like it in a dog, and it made a big impact.”

Image/ Jacks Anderson
Poppy was taken to the vet by the guy and his wife, where she was treated for fleas and parasites. Poppy, on the other hand, was quite healthy and was reunited with her new family.

jacks explains:

“One by one, Poppy spent her first days with us. He slept the most of the time and rapidly became used to the couch. She got lot more active in the previous day or two, displaying interest in the other dogs and following me about instead of napping.”