After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow, The Dog Had The Sweetest Reaction

Draco the pit bull has had a difficult start in life, but one item has offered him solace in both good and terrible times: a heart-shaped cushion with arms.

The funny-looking cushion follows the little pit dog wherever he goes. Draco’s mother, Allie O’Cain, told The Dodo, “If someone else takes up his pillow, he will scurry over and grab it.” “Every single day, he sucks it to fall asleep.”

However, it appeared recently that the dog’s favorite cushion was on its way to the garbage can, which Draco could not allow.

Since O’Cain rescued the orphaned puppy from a backyard breeder when he was just two weeks old, Draco has treated his cushion with care.

“Draco is a crazy chewer, and we’ve turned into a ‘rubber toy only’ house,” O’Cain explained, “since anything with stuffing he will shred in less than five minutes.” “But with this cushion, he’s been so sweet and caring.”

But when Draco’s pal Willow, a black Lab, asked to share the cushion, he became a little too possessive. He dashed over to get his cherished item, ripping the cushion in the process. It appeared like the worst had happened as the stuffing began to leak out.

Fortunately, Draco’s grandma saw what was going on and acted quickly.

“We believe [the cushion] was so worn out that it ripped easily,” O’Cain explained. “My mother screamed, ‘I’ll repair it, Draco!’ and grabbed it.”

The cushion was taken to Draco’s grandmother’s sewing machine, where the “surgery” started. Draco, on the other hand, couldn’t merely watch while his true love was operated on.

“Draco’s head and paws were peered over the entire time,” O’Cain added. “He was whimpering and attempting to reach it with his tongue,” says the narrator.

On Facebook, O’Cain commented, “He acted as though his wife was in surgery.”

Draco ran to snuggle his beloved toy as soon as the cushion was repaired, apparently happy that it was whole again.